Sunday 6 March 2022

Dale Lodder - Demon (1981)

HUGE thanks to Rick Leclerc for getting in touch with us an offering up another Doug Wong Music goodie just as we were getting to the bottom of the pile... And this is a pretty great single that we're thrilled to have in the collection.

Dale Lodder ran Phantom Sound Studios and issued a couple of singles on the DWM sub-label Ghostrax Records, one by Susan Smith and this by the man himself. There's a quick mention of Lodder in this article by Patrick Tivy (which is mostly about Doug Wong (we'll get to posting that Wanda LP someday)).

This single reminds us of some of the Stampeders' singles - the A side is a pretty great hard rocker, while the B side is a quirky but upbeat number. Both sides show off both Lodder's studio AND guitar chops.

And you can hear them here!

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