Wednesday 9 March 2022

Creeps - Bums and Scum (1982), Western Bums - Oh, Where Did My Paycheck Go? (1982)

In 1982, Doug Wong's Mootown Records label was brought back to life for a pair of novelty singles - both with a bit of political narrative from the times. The first, the Creeps' "Bums and Scum" was likely inspired by Raplh Klein's infamous comments about bums and creeps who were looking for work in the city. "Oh, Where Did My Paycheck Go?" covers the more timeless topic of, well, never having enough cash.

The article above attributes both singles to the same artist, and has a different title for the Creeps' single, which confuses us. But we're often confused - especially by the catalog numbers of these (1140 and 960), which make use wonder if those local radio stations had something to do with these.

We do appreciate the stickers that came with the Western Bums' single - we'll likely be putting these to good use around the CCPS offices.

Get some Mootown action here.

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