Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Billy Stone - Denim & Lace/A Face In A Picture (1977)

We've got a few more Doug Wong-produced singles to go before we move on to... well, we're not sure what we're moving on to after this. 

Mootown Records was kind of a pre-cursor to all the Doug Wong Music releases we've been featuring. Around 1977, it looks like the label released at least three singles including this one and another from Judy Reimer (who we've since learned was one of the Reimer Sisters - which we SHOULD have been able to figure out, but we're slow).  

We're not sure if the Country Music Lovers Association mentioned in that article ever came to fruition - or if there were more than three singles on Mootown. In 1979 Wong switched gears and put out a fwe singles on the Aurora Records imprint before going with DWM. 

Get Billy Stone's single here.

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