Sunday 27 February 2022

Oscar Charles Foundation - Until You Came Along/Go 'Til You're Gone (1984)

We ended up digging deep to find out the story on this one... and despite our work, we can't figure out how it ended up be manufactured through Doug Wong Music. From what we can tell in the files Doug passed along to us, Oscar Charles was based in Ontario when this record was produced (hence the recording in Grimsby), though he did make appearances at Pappagalo's Lounge at the Marlkborough Inn around that time. This slab of soul was one of three singles (maybe? at least?) he recorded in the later 80's - along with a tribute to the Platters that was recorded at Winnipeg's Ramada Inn. We stole the art for the back cover off of Discogs, just because we could:

We ended up in a weird rabbit hole that involves Platters-related groups; The Platters Information Site has done an incredible job of itemizing all of the active bands, including The Legendary Platters, of which Charles is a member. We tried to pinpoint why Charles ended up as part of the convoluted history of the Platters, but we gave up.

Seriously, it's complicated.

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