Wednesday 2 February 2022

Nandos - S/S 17 (2017), F/W 17/18 Collection (2018)

We learned a VERY important lesson with these two tapes from Alexander Steinitz's Nandos: when juggling unlabeled tapes, be very careful not to mix them up. We learned this exactly two minutes too late, but we think we've figured out which tape is which... maybe? We featured a tape from Nandos a couple of years ago, and these two fall in the same vein of experimental electronica. Where other local projects like, say, Evangelos Lambrinoudis II's Corinthian are more structured, Nandos embraces the chaos and gets downright muddy at time. It's a weird rave, but it's still a rave.

We don't really have a source to point you to for these - we'd recommend checking Melodiya or Hot Wax to see if they have copies still kicking around.

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