Tuesday 1 February 2022

Matt Purdue, Cain Davis, Chris Dadge - Sell Heal Holler (2019)

We're going to switch to a few more recent tapes for a bit here. Well, comparatively recent - this one is from 2019, but that's futuristic compared to most of our posts from the past few months. There was a glorious moment before Christmas where it seemed like everything was getting back to the way it was - and the biggest moment for us was a real, live Bug Incision show at High Line Brewing. 

Well, until we're able to do that again, we're going to turn to this tape of improvisational work by the trio of Matt Purdue, Cain Davis, and Bug Incision kingpin Chris Dadge. The liner notes on this don't have any notes about instrumentation, but we can for sure say there are drums, other clanky bits, and what sounds like double bass - and maybe some violin? 

Pour yourself a Talking Hops and hit the Vocational Sound Company bandcamp for a sample (and maybe a hookup for a real tape?).

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