Monday 21 February 2022

Kim Kinrade - Get Your Man Down/Changing (1982), Sharing Christmas Alone By The Fire (1985)

This pair of singles is from BC-born singer, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter Kim Kinrade, another performer who has remained active. The bio on Kinrade's website says that he came to Alberta in the early 1980s before moving to the East Coast. We think he must have spent time in both Calgary and Edmonton during that time - his 1982 single has a Calgary address (which, to be fair, is Doug Wong Music) while his 1985 single has an Edmonton address (but was recorded at Sundae Sound). 

Both singles are AOR pop rock, with "Get Your Man Down" being a bit of a rocker and "Sharing Christmas Alone By The Fire" being, perhaps unsurprisingly, a slower number. We note that once again we've missed posting the Christmas season at the appropriate time of year - but I guess we're all used to that now.

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