Sunday 20 February 2022

Al Owchar - Waco, Why Don't You Write Me? (1976), Your Picture (1982); Dalmane Owchar - Country Living

We've got four singles for you today, three of which were manufactured by Doug Wong Music (though only one has a DWM catalogue number) and the other of which is on Horizon Records, a local label that put out a bunch of records in the late 1970's. We couldn't find out a lot about Al Owchar (or Dalmane Owchar, who we assume is a relative of his) - although there is a bio on the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association website that suggests his involvement in country goes way back (to the 60's?) and continued to be active into the 2010's. These singles are straight up country, probably a sign of his roots.

Get 'em here!

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