Thursday 6 January 2022

Wild Colonial Boys - Live in '88 (1988), After Hours (1995)

We're doubling up the tapes today (we have to - otherwise we'll NEVER get through all these tapes from the Doug Wong archives!) to give you a double dose of the Calgary Folk Club's house band, the Wild Colonial Boys. The first is a live album - which we kind of wish we'd heard first; we get now why they were such a draw. It's a fun recording of a band that's there to entertain - they play well, don't take themselves too seriously, and are incredibly engaging. The second tape today, which is apparently their fifth release, highlights a band with over 15 years under their belts - it claims to be a collection of their most-requested songs. It's perhaps not fair to pair it with the live album - while the sound is superior, we quite prefer the looseness energy of their live recording.

Compare them for yourself here.

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