Friday 28 January 2022

Stampeders - Backstage Pass (1974)

We somehow missed the news of the passing of Mel Shaw last week. Having dug through as much of the history of Calgary's early days of rock and roll, it's hard not to note the major impact Shaw had on the scene - from his own 7" record, to the Sotan label he founded, to launching, managing, and producing recordings throughout the career of the Stampeders. He also founded Music World Creations, was the Founding President of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the folks who present the JUNO Awards), acted as president of Canadian Independent Record Productions Association, and was the Executive Director of FACTOR (Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Record). That's a major legacy with some truly amazing contributions to Calgarian (and Canadian) music.

So, we'll celebrate his life with this, a 1974 live recording from the band he's most associated with - and a record that he produced (even if the minimal liner notes on the j-card don't mention it). We suggest you crank "Wild Eyes" and toast the legacy of Mel Shaw

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