Friday 21 January 2022

John Reid - Island Shuffle (1993)

Yesterday's flute-filled tape has got us picking up this one next, from another local flautist (and saxophonist), John Reid. Thanks to the amazing Pro Arts Society for their bio of Reid from a few years ago, which hepped us to the fact that Reid was part of Stratus Singers spin-off the Stratus Faction, as well as founding secretary and past president of the Jazz Calgary society. Oh, and the tape's j-card casually mentions that he also founded the Calgary International Jazz Festival. So it's perhaps little surprise that this tape (a) is very, very good and (b) it's deep into the jazz tradition. The tracks on this tape - which are mostly originals either by Reid or his bandmates - are composed and played really well. This is one of those times when we at the CCPS realize how far away from our original punk rock roots we've strayed - and how good of a thing that is. 

Shuffle on over here.

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