Monday 17 January 2022

Allpa Kallpa - Traditional Music of the Andes Vol. 2 (1994), Vol. 4 (1997), Vol. 5 (1998)




We're going to tumble out of the Celtic music and into... the Andes! We were pretty excited to find THREE tapes from Allpa Kallpa in the Doug Wong archives - they're a group of musicians you've probably seen along Stephen Avenue during the summer. Despite the band's omnipresent performances on the pedestrian mall, we didn't really know the full story behind them... until we dug this out of an old copy of the Windspeaker:

It looks like the band recorded and produced these tapes here in Calgary... but it's interesting to see that the two later tapes in this batch have contact numbers in Victoria, BC and Germany. Allpa Kallpa must have covered a lot of ground each year.

Get it here.

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