Wednesday 29 December 2021

Worrall Brothers Project - The Worrall Brothers Project (1989)

We've featured released by Steve Worrall and Rick Worrall on their own, and now we have a tape that brings the brothers together - in a delicious blend of late-80's AOR. If you've been following their releases, this tape is far more in the vein of the Steve Worrall tape that was put out on Doug Wong Music, following the path cleared by Loverboy and other CanCon greats. The brothers Worrall clearly had their eyes on the prize with this release and their work leading up to it:

This tape led to a record deal a couple of years later with an A&M Records imprint, under the name Worrall. And a video for "In The Heat Of The Night," which is also on this tape!

Phew! That's a lot of hair. Get the Worrall Brothers Project tape here.

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Cory said...

LOVE IT, thank you!!