Tuesday 21 December 2021

Smokin' Joes - Smokin' Joes (1993)

Thanks to Eddie at Melodiya for keeping an eye out for weird stuff for us... this is a tape he pulled out of Hot Wax a few weeks ago, and we didn't have high hopes for it - until we noticed it's on Metanoia Records! The home of the Anxious Poets and Agony Pipe! I Care! Ramada Gods! And... Smokin' Joes???

Okay, this a band that we can't quite reconcile with the rest of the Metanoia roster. Instead of the usual alt.rock fare that label specialized in, Smokin' Joes are middle-of-the-road bar-circuit rock. Sure, it's well-executed, but it's, well, bar-circuit rock. And we can't find anything about the band to help fill in the gaps.

But the download is here.

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