Friday, 24 December 2021

Miss Molly - Miss Molly & Ho! Ho! Ho! (1988), Penny Candy (1995)


As you and yours get settled in this Christmas Eve, we at the CCPS have a double dose of Miss Molly for you - and one of them is a Christmas tape! Such joy! A true holiday miracle! What's even more miraculous is that today's Christmas tape has a completely different set of tracks from the one we posted earlier this year (when it was nowhere near Christmas, we might add). We suspect that our copy of the tape was a re-press, since the j-card references the two tapes that came after it. Either that, or Miss Molly has also mastered time travel. Which, if she has, we would like to talk to her to go back in time to undo some regretful decisions (and potentially create massive issues with the fabric of space and time).

Anyways, we're posting her first Christmas tape along with what we would assume is her fourth, Penny Candy. The highlight of that tape, for us, is her cover of the Calgary classic, "Sixteen Chickens and a Tambourine."

Get Miss Molly's Christmas and/or Penny Candy.

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