Saturday 11 December 2021

Les Partridge (Lesley Schatz) - Hand Sown (1988)

Well, this is a sad day - we're at the end of the Doug Wong Music cassettes. And worse yet, we've discovered that the archives are missing a few tapes that Wong produced under the DWM(C) imprint. So if you come across any of these, can you please let us know?

DWMC 3346: Sue McKay -In Tune With Krafts For Kids

DWMC 3347: Rotary Club: Norine Burgess and Gordon Gietz - Open Our Eyes

DWMC 3348: Jana and Danny - Jana and Danny

DWMC 3350: The Singing Hills - You Don't Have To Wait

DWMC 3373: Words Alive - Presents Roald Dahl

DWMC 3376: Lesley Schatz - Flyin' High

Yup, even though we're featuring another tape by Lesley Schatz today (albeit under the name Les Partridge - she also put out an LP under that name), Doug's files indicate she put out a third tape. We're still hopeful we overlooked one or two of these in the boxes of non-DWM tapes we got from Doug - we'll certainly keep you posted as we find them and fill in these holes.

Doug's files go up to an empty, otherwise unlabeled folder marked DWM-3380; we suspect that around the release marked DWM-3378 he stopped using the DWM imprint for the tapes he was duplicating. If we were to guess why (which is basically a guess on top of a guess), we'd say it was because of the sheer volume as tape duplication became more affordable. 

Oh, right - this Les Partridge tape. You can get the download here!

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