Friday 31 December 2021

Adventures In Paradise - It's Just A Matter Of Time (1985)

We're closing out 2021 with a tape from Adventures in Paradise for two reasons: first, it just sort of ended up that way. But really, it's to say thanks to both Rob Bartlett and Doug Wong for sharing their rich collections and bodies of work with us. It's been amazing to have access to these archives and be able to in turn share them with you, Dear Readers. It's also give us at the CCPS a greater appreciation for the wide breadth of recordings our city has put out.

Including this one! We've featured four singles from this electro pop outfit, so it just feels right to have the full-length that spawned them. Plus, it's a nice tie-in to the Qwest tape we posted yesterday; looks like both releases were part of Quality's big push into their 35th year of operations:

That clipping from RPM magazine (via the amazing is a pretty good window into our country's music industry in the mid-80's. 

As is this tape!

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