Tuesday 16 November 2021

Wild Colonial Boys - The Wild Colonial Boys' Best Album In Some Time (1980)

Today's Doug Wong Music release comes to us courtesy of the Wild Colonial Boys, the Calgary Folk Club's long-standing house band. 

This one was also released on tape and LP - the notes from the files Doug passed us indicate that this might have been a popular one, with a couple re-presses (it looks like the LP came out in 1980, and the cassette was re-pressed as late as 1988). Oh, and this is another that was recorded by Richard Harrow at his Living Room Studios.  

We shared a single from these folks earlier this year; if that was your fancy you can grab their first full-length here.

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Ben Dandy said...

I just picked up the Henry Holloway single in Nanton. Looking forward to giving it a whirl.