Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Steve Worrall - 10 Emotions (1987)

Alright! Back into the 80's rock! Steve Worrall is the brother of Rick Worrall, who put out a single on Doug Wong Music that we posted a few months back

Where brother Rick skews more a bit more folk, Steve is headed for the big rock sound - well, the big 80's rock sound. The title track, "Ten Emotions" is a pretty great track and a good sample of what this is about - yeah, it's rock, but since it's 80's rock it's guitars are swathed in synthesizer tones and rooted by what we suspect is a drum machine. There's lot of really great, classic synth sounds on here, which led to a game of "guess-the-synthesizer" in the CCPS offices. 

If you want to play along, grab the download here!

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