Wednesday 3 November 2021

Ron Lorenz - The Calgary To Banff Auto Tour On The Trans Canada Highway (1993)

Well, this is a weird one. Thanks (?) to Recordland for getting it into our hands. This is the type of tape you would have found on the counter at a gas station on the western edge of the city - on it, former newscaster Ron Lorenz narrates the drive from Calgary to the Banff townsite, starting at Canada Olympic Park. Lorenz relates the history of the region (well, the history of the settlers in the region, at least - as befits the year in which this was made, there's not a lot of attention paid to our Indigenous peoples). 

To accommodate those who either don't drive to Banff with a lead foot, Lorenz asks the listener to pause the tape ad then restart when landmarks are reached, which makes it a bit of a weird thing to listen to without the drive. We wish there was a follow-up to this tape with the drive home, and Lorenz cursing the usual Sunday afternoon traffic jam.

Road trip!

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