Monday, 15 November 2021

Jacqueline Dolan - Jacqueline Dolan (1980)

We've been a bit quiet for a bit, partly because we were being lazy and partly because something incredible happened. After thinking about getting in touch with Doug Wong for, well, an embarrassing number of YEARS, HE got in touch with US. And we're thrilled that he did, of course - not just because we finally got to express our appreciation for his work, but also because he gifted us with a carload of tapes, records, and archival notes. 

SO! We're going to start into this giant batch of tapes, starting with the ones that were released by Doug Wong Music. First up is the 1980 album from Irish-born harpist and singer Jacqueline Dolan, which came out on both cassette and LP. 

Get the first of our Doug Wong Music tapes here!

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