Thursday 18 November 2021

Barry & Lyn Luft and Friends - House Concert (1981)


One of the fun things about all the files that Doug Wong gave us is the rough artwork for the releases; most of this is his work, done in support of the artists and the final product. Tucked in the folder for this tape and LP from local folkies Barry & Lyn Luft were a bunch of sketches for layouts of both the record and tape labels, which is a fun insight into how things were done in the days before desktop computers (and desktop publishing) were the norm. 

The Lufts were folk scene regulars and this album was recorded in their basement (!) with a packed audience, the names of which grade the cover (one of the reasons why the LP is the superior format in this instance - you can actually read the names). The one that jumps out to us is Robbie Robertson. Yowza! Barry Luft is still active on the folk scene - or at least has been recently. The pandemic hiccup makes it hard to tell.

Get back to the basement here!

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