Saturday 27 November 2021

20-20 - 20-20 (1987)

Back in the spring when we were working through Rob Bartlett's archives, we featured a cassette and a pair of singles from singer Karen Cunningham, with the singles attributed to her and 20-20. If we'd been paying more attention to the 20-20 part, we probably would have been more prepared for this tape from the Doug Wong archives, which fills in the blank that we missed. 

20-20 (not to be confused with 20/20 or The 20/20s) was a late 80's rock band fronted by singer and songwriter Jeff Rolheiser, with Cunningham sharing vocal duties. We went searching for more for info on the band; it looks like Rolheiser played guitar with Jameson Booker earlier in the 80's. And may have gone on to a career as a realtor, which shows us where the money really is in Calgary.



Cory said...

Hi there!! Love your blog and appreciate everything you share. I'd love to hear this cassette, are you able to digitize/share it?

Thank you

Arif said...

Whoops! We forgot to add the download link. It's there now!

Cory said...

Thank you so much!!