Sunday 10 October 2021

Red Richards - Fuddle Duddle Boys (1983), Kirk Orr - Jimmie Lee the RCMP (1985), Gus von der Spindrift Und The Four Tops - So Schön Ist Canada




Picking up on yesterday's name-checking of oddball artists that had work released on Doug Wong Music, today's trio is our last batch of singles on the Calgary label. We've got a anti-Trudeau protest record (a perennial Albertan thing) courtesy of Red Richards, a weird comedic pastiche from Kirk Orr (we just got the cover art, and there's a Heart Records logo on the back - weird!), and... we can't quite tell if the Gus von der Spindrift single is serious or a send-up of the love of Germans for Calgary and the Rocky Mountains. 

The article below fast forwards to the mid 2000's, a few years before he retired from the music industry.

Which remind us, we have a BUNCH of CDs from 2001 that we should get to posting. But we still have a few more singles to get through. Like today's!

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