Saturday 2 October 2021

Nitebreaker - Love Starved/It'll Take Time (1981), Thank You Love/Too Much In Love (1982)

One of the fun things about the singles with DWM catalogue numbers is the number that were put out on a different label, though still manufactured through Doug Wong Music (even better: the number that use the same font as this record). These two on Whirled Records (nyuk nyuk) come from bar band Nitebreaker. 

The first of these singles is pretty reasonable - "Love Starved" wouldn't have been out of place with other new wave-influenced CanCon rock hits of the early 80's. The second single is deep into the soft rock territory - the label plays up singer Renie Brown, which makes us wonder if she was headed towards a solo career... sadly, our search for more info has yielded nothing.

So just grab the download, okay?

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