Friday 1 October 2021

Nan and the Pan - Night Light/On Thin Ice (1985), Me and My Soul (1987)

Today's pair of Doug Wong Music singles comes to us courtesy of Nan and the Pan, which appears to have been a band/project centred around vocalist John Nania and multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Pan Sciore. While the first single is a pretty reasonable pair of pop rock tracks, it's the second of this pair that really got our attention. "Me and My Soul" is a total lost gem of new wave CanCon - maybe it's the synthesized harmonica/accordion, but this track feels like an outtake from The The's classic LP Soul Mining (one of our desert island discs, even though it's not CalgCon). Honestly, it's so good it really earns the two mixes on this single.

It looks like Sciore is still active, having released a solo CD in 2016 and playing with the Bluesland Horn Band. Neither of which sound like The The.

Get the singles here!


Cory said...

FANTASTIC share! Thank you so much!!

Unknown said...

greetings... I'll be releasing my second CD shortly. Thank you for your reviews of these 45's of mine. Kind Regards, Pan Sciore, "The Pan",