Monday, 11 October 2021

Manhattan Jump Blues Revue - The BBQ Sessions (1994)

We're going to take a bit of a break from the 7" singles and get back to our original raison d'être with a few tapes that have shown up here at the CCPS in recent months. First up is one that we were super excited to get - huge thanks to Mike Fischer for passing this our way.

The Mantattan Jump Blue Revue was the precursor to local fixtures The Dino Martinis (we heard Don McSwiney dishing the goods on the band on the CBC morning show just last week!). We knew the Manhattans made an appearance on the very excellent Play compilation, but we didn't know they had released a full cassette - until Mike graciously ripped his copy for us. This is pretty great stuff, and what we really remember the early days of the Dino Martinis for - high-energy, super fun, er, jump blues. We're usually a bit wary of bands who state their genre in their name, which is maybe why they changed their name very shortly after the release of this tape.

Fix yourself a good cocktail and grab the download!

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