Saturday 9 October 2021

Janice Jaud - Far Away (1981), Danny Daniels - Reach Out (1983), Buddy Lawson and the Good, Bad, and Ugly - Do You Wanna Dance?

Today's trio of Doug Wong Music singles is another batch we can't tell you a whole lot about. So, let's get back to more coverage of Wong and his work. The article from below - published the same year as the Janice Jaud single we're posting today - does a great job of itemizing the work Wong was coordinating for bands through his office (just a block away from where Canada Disc and Tape would end up a few years later):

We also like the mix of local artists name-checked in the article: favourites like the Unusuals and Richard Harrow, plus oddballs like auctioneer Ken Kanten and hypnotist Ben Ziv! That oddball mix is largely why we're so drawn to the output of Doug Wong Music.

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