Sunday, 31 October 2021

Forbidden Dimension - Mars is Heaven (2021), Shivs & Shrouds/Our Martian Heritage (2021)

Happy Halloween! Here's something we know some of you are going to be excited about - and quite possibly already have in your tight little clutches. The good folks at Medicine Hat's Wasted Wax Records have re-issued a pair of early Forbidden Dimension tapes - including our favourite FD recording, Our Martian Heritage (which happened to be the second tape we ever posted on this here thing). This means that rather than suffering through the crappy rips we've posted, you can get freshly remastered versions of these drum machine-driven classics - and they do sound mighty, mighty fine. Oh, and Mars is Heaven even got a vinyl release from Wasted Wax.

Get these re-animated marvels via Wasted Wax.

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