Friday 8 October 2021

Earthshine (1982), Dee-Dee Locker (1984), Diamondback (1986), John McNeil/Gwen Johnson

We're getting into the part of the Doug Wong Music-released singles in our collection where we can't tell you a whole lot about the artists. Some of these artists were staples of the bar/lounge theme, others were... well, we have no idea. This batch of four singles is country-ish fare - for us, this high point is the Earthshine single; the A side, "No Lookin' Back" is a pretty great track.

Since we can't tell you much about the artists, we'll focus instead on the man who helped get these records into the world. Wong's first foray into the recording world was the legendary Dove Project No. 9 compilation, which was produced while he was still studying at Crescent Heights High School. We're not sure exactly what he did right after high school, but in 1975 he scored a position at Sound West Studios/Westmount Records doing A&R work:

The exact starting point of the Doug Wong Music label is a bit elusive to us - we have records Wong produced in 1979 on a bunch of different labels; Aurora Records, Ghostrax RecordsWizKids Records, and (maybe?) Doug Wong Music. The sheer number of production credits in that time is pretty impressive. And there were more to come, of course!

Including one of these singles today!

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