Sunday 5 September 2021

Stampeders - Morning Magic/All The Time (1967)

Well, back to some garage rock. Following up on our Stampeders megapost from back in July, we've relented and added "Sweet City Woman" to that original post - but we think this single warrants its own little mention. It's not the Stampeders' first single - but it's their first on Mel Shaw's Music World Creations label (though not their first appearance on MWC - but more about that later!). We're not clear on the timeline of the Stampeders' move from Calgary to Toronto - this single probably came out just as they were making that move. 

This is also a nice foreshadowing of the Stampeders' recorded output, with two very different feels to the sides. The A side is a breezy bit of folk rock, which the second side (which we much prefer) is a great slice of garage rock (which is obviously why we like it). Oh, and a note on the download: our copy, which we pulled out of a box in a record store this summer, has an unfortunate chunk missing from the outer edge - which means the A side fades up after the literal break. That cherished B side is unaffected, though.  

Well, them's the breaks.

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