Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Rich Dodson - Julia Get Up (1972), Van Louis - Solitary Feeling (1983)

IF we had been smarter in our sequencing, we would have included this pair of singles alongside those other Stampeders 7"s we posted a short while ago. BUT we are no good at the planning sometimes. So, today's the day that you get a pair of singles by Stampeders members Rich Dodson and Van Louis. Dodson put out a pile of singles (most of which are on his own Marigold Records label), but this is just one of two singles that Van Louis (aka Emile Van Sprang) put out. The b side of his single, "Voyager," is probably our favourite track out of these four - it's a bit of a cheesy piece which is assumedly a tribute to the satellite of the same name, but it's kind of fun.

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