Monday 27 September 2021

Randy Andrus - He's Back! (1983), Cal Kellett - Run Away (1983), Cruiser (1984)








After yesterday's RED HOT post, you're probably super curious about the two guys behind that track (and you might be itching for more of those awesome synth horns). Well, we've got you covered - albeit minus more synth horns. Today we've got a trio of singles from Randy Andrus and Cal Kellett, two of which have some of the most elaborate packaging we've seen.

Cal Kellett's singles are both pretty slick pieces of 80's pop-rock, with "Cruiser" (and its B side) coming from his rock opera-ish LP of the same title. The cover folds out into a plus sign, kind of like Isaac Hayes' Black Moses LP. The photos inside are amazing - it's almost like Kellett was staging a one-man version of West Side Story. 

Randy Andrus ups the ante with his fold out, a five-panel production that tells the story of what we presume is a hot date at the legendary 4th Street Rose being interrupted. Dames! Who can figure 'em out?! This is apparently the second single that Andrus put out - the first had similarly slick packaging:

Sorry for being so focused on the artwork for these two singles (and really not mentioning the third) -we've been trying to figure out how to fold them back together.

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