Tuesday 28 September 2021

Melchizedek - She/Sonic Stallion (1982)

Yesterday's post has officially launched us into the Doug Wong Music section of our 7" collection. Ever since Rob Bartlett shared his collection of Sundae Sound singles, we've been kind of fascinated by Doug Wong's legacy - from the 1970's through to the late 2000's, his endeavours touched a lot of the local scene. So many of the tapes we shared in our early years came out of the Canada Cassette/Canada Disc & Tape space he ran in the city's northeast.

His Doug Wong Music imprint kicked off in 1979, and if we're reading the Discogs entries correctly, put out 106 7" records. Many of which we've managed to get our hands on... including this one from prog rockers Melchizedek. 

The 7" format is a bit of a weird one for this single, which packs songs which are over 5 minutes long onto each side. But we suspect the decision to go with a 7" may have been partly a financial one - the article below suggests that Melchizedek was probably a bit of a niche band:

We recognize that many of you are probably more interested in the first part of that article... please try to stay focused long enough to get to the download.

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