Thursday 23 September 2021

Keen Kraft - Cardboard Lathe

Here's something pretty random, but we're already down this rabbit hole, so let's keep going. This is a - we assume - one-off cardboard lathe that we stumbled across in our travels. Keen Kraft was a local (Albertan?) music shop from the 1950's through to the 1980's when they were bought out by Long & McQuade. We're mostly posting this because of the ad that was nestled in a clipping from an article a few days ago:

Keen Kraft moved around (or had multiple locations? one of the two) over its history - looking at the address in that ad, we're pretty sure that space eventually became Coconut Joe's. And after a quick fact-check (why did we fact-check the location of Coconut Joe's vs all the band details we've glossed over? PARALYZERS.), we can confirm this to be true:

Oh, right. The record for today. As a cardboard lathe, this thing is pretty rough - it sounds like an accordion (or chord organ?) lesson, with the student running through "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and another piece we don't recognize. 

It's maybe not as interesting as, say, reminiscing about Electric Avenue, but... it's what you get today.

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