Wednesday 29 September 2021

Circus - Not If You're Lovin' Me/Real Emotion (1983)

Carrying on with our Doug Wong Music singles, here's one from skinny tie rockers Circus. We're pegging them as such EVEN THOUGH there are no skinny ties in evidence in the pictures on this record's inner sleeve. We don't want you to take that as a bad thing, though - this single is pretty catchy, and we have to give frontman Andrew Telfer full points for his observation that Calgary's isolation has helped local bands foster unique sounds:

The article above lets on that somewhere around 1984, Circus shifted from being a popular bar band, and leveraged the money they'd made to put together an album of originals under the name Biggy Newstomp - but we can't tell if that ever saw the light of day. It's certainly not a name we're familiar with. But then, we're often clueless.

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