Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Cheyenne Winter - Second Thoughts/Sit Awhile (1970)

All that mention of Albertan icon Barry Allen yesterday made us think we should follow up with this single, which we WERE going to peg as an Edmonton release... but we're going to to stick to our guns and keep this as a Calgary release for two reasons: one, there's a link between this band and our own CFCN TV; and two, Jim Lewis (aka Benny The Bear and father of Casey) plays on this! Maybe? We have contradictory information on that last point, although it appears Lewis was a member of the band at some point.

This single was release on Randy Bachman's short-lived Molten Records label (if only his radio show were as short-lived!) - and features Barry Allen and a large band that would eventually move to Calgary and serve as the house band on the CFCN-produced TV show Come Together. As Roy Wilcox tells it, "Come Together was the nexus of many stories. The Apollo Night Club was the brainchild of entrepreneur and Brimstone Production’s, Dave Horodezky. Located in the heart of downtown Calgary, the Apollo Club occupied the former building housing the Prophetic Bible Institute. A two-level stage was built in the sanctuary of the old church section of the building. Barry and the “Winter” hosted from the lower level while the “guest” bands played from the second level. The Winter also served as the backing band for guest soloists on the show."

We're pretty sure the video above is from a channel hosted by Jim Lewis himself - there's a lot of stuff on there worth watching. And the setup of the stage for Come Together is pretty amazing.

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