Saturday, 21 August 2021

Lesley Schatz - Alberta Waltz (1988), To Each His Own (1988), The Way She Could Sing (1989)



Here's a song that showed up on the Alberta Dreams compilation we posted earlier this year - but don't worry, we've got some bonus content to shore things up. These three singles are from southern Alberta singer-songwriter Lesley Schatz; one is on our favourite singles label, Doug Wong Music, while the other is on Edmonton's DMT Records (most notable for, well, putting out two Reveen LPs). 

It's good to have the full credits for "Alberta Waltz" - they help explain why this track (and the B side, as well) is so solid. Aided by Cindy Church, David Wilke, and Nathan Tinkham, and recorded in Richard Harrow's Living Room Studios, this is a quality, well, waltz. Honest and unassuming, and quite good. Schatz sneaks in some more Alberta content on the B side of our third single, with the Tom Russell-penned song, "Alberta Blue." Which is a more upbeat song than its title suggests.

Get your double dose of Alberta here.

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