Tuesday 3 August 2021

Goldie - EP2 (2021)

We can't remember if we tagged the first Gawdie tape, released last year, as Miscellany or not. And we're too lazy to check. And we live on inconsistency, as you know... So! Onwards with this tape from Calgarian-living-in-Montreal Sara Hughes. This tape is similar to her first collection of synth pop - but feels more cohesive. Listening to this on the heels of yesterday's Wish Lash tape, it's tempting to make comparisons between the two collections of electronica. Gawdie is more traditional synthpop, not as experimental as Wish Lash - but still has elements of ambience and a dark undercurrent to keep it interesting. The four songs go by too quickly - this is one of those things that is over just as we're getting settled in, leaving us wanting just a bit more.

Get it via the Gawdie bandcamp.

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