Friday 6 August 2021

Colonel J. Fred Scott Elementary School - Calgary - A Symphony! (1987)

We're going to spend a bit of time celebrating songs that celebrate our city. The 1980's - and especially the run up to the 88 Olympics and the Song for Calgary contest - led to a lot of, uh, interesting recordings that feature the city. Today's is the partner to the song that ultimately won, the deeeeeelightful "Neighbours of the World" (which is still on the books as the official song of Calgary), as there was also a school-based competition for the Song for Calgary. Coming straight outta Whitehorn, Col. J. Fred Walker School were the winners - although with assistance from Paulo. 

We note that this release also brings together a few of our local favourites; it was recorded by Sundae Sound's Rob Bartlett and Frank Lockwood, and was released by Doug Wong Music. 

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