Thursday 5 August 2021

Abjection - Malignant Deviation (2021)

One more new tape, then back into the singles! This one called out to us from the counter at Melodiya, and when Eddie told is it features the Weir's Sergey Jmourovski, we knew we had to grab it. Abjection is only partly a Calgary band; this is a pandemic project that Jmourovski spearheaded, with musicians in Calgary, BC, and... Australia? Rather than the Weir's slowly crushing sludgy metal, Abjection are quickly pummeling death metal, much more like locals Wake - which probably makes sense, given it's Wake drummer Josh Bueckert playing on here.

You might be able to grab a tape over at Melodiya; if not, the download is available thru Godz Ov War.

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