Monday 12 July 2021

Wilf Carter - The Calgary Roundup, Cowboy Days, I Wish There Were Three Days In The Year, Huggin' Squeezin' Kissin' Teasin'

Well, we might as well go deep during our Stampede posts and turn to a few singles from the legendary Wilf Carter (aka Montana Slim). Born in Nova Scotia, Carter spent time in Calgary in the 1920s and 1930s, with his first radio broadcast on CFCN. Wikipedia says that Carter played his first Stampede show in 1964, but we found this 1961 article that suggests otherwise:

Carter's honest style is the kind of antidote we need to combat all the costume cowboys racing around on scooters this year. His Stampede tribute, "The Calgary Roundup," is really the B-side of his single, but it's the A-side in our heart. And the other three singles we've included have him backed up by the Calgary Stampeders (assumedly not the football team), giving us a good dose of yodeling goodness.

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