Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Lee & Sandy Paley - For The World (1981), Alberta (1980)

We've got a bit of a two-fer today, with a pair of commemorative singles from husband and wife duo Lee & Sandy Paley.

The Paleys are most notable for their locally-produced kids' TV-show, Ballooner Landing, which ran on CTV in the late 80's. But "For the World" is why we're here today - we'd be happy with just the record, but the booklet that comes with this is an amazing piece of early 80's marketing schtick, with anthropomorphized corporate logos participating in various rodeo events. Of course, the song itself has a nod to this, with the middle eight featuring an announcer calling a chuckwagon race involving said corporations. 

The second record in this duo is one SEVERAL records that were produced as part of Alberta's 75th anniversary in 1980. The province must have been awash in oil revenues at the time, and willing to spend a lot on commemorative stuff. We think all we got out of the 100th anniversary was a commemorative website.

Get this pair of singles from the Paleys here.

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