Saturday, 10 July 2021

Cal Cavendish - Big Stampede (1969)

We're really happy to bring together two of our fascinations together in one post. We really like Cal Cavendish, and we're always amazed by songs that celebrate the Stampede or our city. So this single (we think this might be Cavendish's first) is a treat. "Big Stampede" is really the b-side, but in our mind this is an error that Quality made in the pressing of this little piece of vinyl.

If you ask us, this is what Cavendish does best - celebrate the goings on in life. It's fun and catchy - and, just like the Stampede - a bit corny ("When they swing them big gates open, I'll be there / People come to Calgary from everywhere," he gleefully sings). So we love it!

And you can get it here!

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