Sunday 27 June 2021

Westmount Records - Ron Sillito (1975), Denny Eddy, A.J. Nobles & the Country Mystic's

Carrying on through the stack of Westmount Records singles, here's a batch of three country records from Denny Eddy, A.J. Nobles & The Country Mystic's (sic), and Ron Sillito. Is Ron the father of 2000's indie singer-songwriter Dolly Sillito? We hope so. But we couldn't find anything to confirm it.

But we did find a clipping about Denny Eddy from 1972, chronicling his attempts to make it in the music business:

Funny how little has changed, eh? Anyways, you can grab his single - and Sillito's and the Mystic's' here.

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Anonymous said...

Ron Sillito is my dad and lives in Lethbridge. Dolly is a distant cousin. Dad can still belt out a tune with the best of them.