Wednesday 9 June 2021

Strawberry Records - Carleen June Belick, Wanda Flach, Debi Lamden, Mary Lansdell, Jean Marie, Strawberry (1980)

Here's a slew of singles from Jonathon Sound Production/Michael Chursinoff's Strawberry Records. And another clipping!

Apparently the AOR-sounding Strawberry single is the collectable one in this batch (to us, anything with the word Calgary on it is collectable tho). What we're really curious about is why there are THREE singles by Carleen June Belick - actually, scratch that, we just checked Discogs and there are FOUR singles by Carleen June Belick on Strawberry. And as far as we can tell, she didn't go on to record anything else, despite the flash of media attention she got in 1980:

We're not sure what happened to Strawberry, Aura, and Jonathan Sound Productions - they seem to have disappeared after 1980. But at least we have these singles to remember them by.

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