Thursday, 3 June 2021

Roy Warhurst's Western Swing Band - Everywhere You Go/Banjo Pickers Ball. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (1961)

We're pretty sure we warned you that this trip into 7" land was going to get random, right? So, from 60's garage rock to... 60's square dancing! 

This is another of those cases of us not timing things quite right - if we'd have been on the ball, we would have noted that Roy Warhurst was inducted into the Country Music Alberta Hall of Fame this past January. There's not a lot of info on that page, but here's something we cribbed from the CMA facebook page:

Roy Warhurst is a celebrated musician with a long history of radio performances, touring, and recording... Mr. Warhurst was introduced to the fiddle and banjo at a young age by his uncle. As a schoolboy, his principal became a fan of his musical abilities and sent him off to other schools in the area to perform. At fourteen years old, Mr. Warhurst became a featured performer on Bill Rae’s Roundup show on CKNW Radio (New Westminster, BC)... this band became regulars on CBC’s national Burns Chuckwagon Show. One year later, Roy formed his own band, the Fraser River Boys, which played western swing, standard country tunes, and old-time dance music... Mr. Warhurst was then asked to join Vic Siebert and the Sons of the Saddle in Calgary. He also played fiddle with the iconic western music group Sons of the Pioneers from 1994-1997... Mr. Warhurst also had established himself as a recording artist, recording albums of western swing music with the Kunkel Brothers Band and various projects in Nashville, TN. Together with Dick Damron, Mr. Warhurst produced the album “Northwest Rebellion,” later deemed an instrumental work of art. He was also a musician on three Ian Tyson albums... Mr. Warhurst would go on to produce local Calgary TV shows, recruiting local talent for the station and putting together shows for the Calgary Stampede for three decades.

That's an impressive body of work, and this is a fairly early slice of that work. And you can grab it here!

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