Thursday 24 June 2021

Roxanne Goldade - Give Me One Good Reason (1977), Mama Take My Hand (1977), Give Me One Good Reason

We're trying to figure out how to eat the elephant that is the rather large pile of singles on Westmount Records that's sitting in the queue here at the CCPS. We're still uncertain - but we do know that if we do them one by one, we're going to be struggling for content. SO! We'll start with this pair by singer Roxanne Goldade. 

Goldade was an up-and-coming star in the late 70's, attracting national attention (a Juno nomination!) in her mid teen years, based on a series of LP and single releases. It looks like after these country-focused singles, she was part of soft-rockers Hot Pursuit, before heading into University - and, we assume, leaving the music biz.

Thank you to the commenter on our facebook page who keeps gleefully pointing out cover art in which the female singers are touching their faces; sadly, we don't have the picture sleeve for "Mama Take My Hand," which is a fine example of that trope. Instead, we'll just point you to the download

Edit: we've added a third single by Goldade, which is in TERRIBLE condition. Sorry for the noise!


Edwin Mundt said...

I think she's Dr. Roxanne Goldade now.

Pat McGannon said...

She was the lead singer in ‘Penguins on Broadway’.

Anonymous said...

Yep haha shes my paediatrician now 😂