Saturday 12 June 2021

Richard Harrow - The Fort Normandeau Story, Skiing Lake Louise (1975), Long Time Laying Down (1987)

We've posted work by Living Room Studios head honcho Richard Harrow in the past, so let's catch up with a few singles that we've picked up over the years. 

The first two are on the History On Records imprint, which we know NOTHING about (surprise!), and were recorded at Sound West rather than Harrow's living room/basement studio. They're kind of fun local history/tourism things - the B side of Skiing Lake Louise is a great soft rock jam, the instrumental of the A side - it sounds like the theme music from an 80s sitcom.

Long Time Laying Down is a pair of remixed tracks from Harrow's 1974 album, Potts. Which is also kind of a local history thing, now that we think about it...

Get the Harrow singles here!

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