Wednesday 16 June 2021

Honky Tonk Heroes - Five Singles (1985, 1987)

Pro tip: when you name your band after a very popular Waylon Jennings album, you're probably letting people know loud and clear what kind of music you play (outlaw country, hopefully) BUT you make it really hard for people to find out about you. But! The CCPS persevered - why? Because the label a bunch of these singles are on - High Octane Records - has an address that's just over five block away from the CCPS offices. On Wildwood Drive. On the NICE part of Wildwood Drive, backing onto the ridge. It's an unassuming place. Quite nice. Not like those big, overblow homes with three-car garages out front...

Oh, but we're not here to talk real estate. We're here to talk singles! Honky Tonk Heroes may have been based out of Vancouver at some point, based on what we could find out about them - which wasn't really much. All we know is that their drummer, Britt Hagarty, was also a writer. Sadly, Hagarty passed away in 1999.

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FishTales said...

I played in a couple different bands with Britt